The Hacienda

How was the Hacienda.

These are the photos that remain from the Treasury before being rebuilt. For years, we have seen were collapsing a huge amount of rural buildings, which in some cases were of great architectural value, is the case of Hacienda de la Palma. Due to their large size and the high cost of maintenance and adjustment, the Hacienda was doomed to disappear in a few years, but luckily, several factors combined, which allowed to recover for tourist use and prevent its disappearance.

It was a shame as seen in the following photos as their huge earth walls, and woods were gradually deteriorating over time.

The rehabilitation.

The technicians were giving way on paper what we had in mind, there must be enabled within the spaces we had three full houses that could accommodate everything you need to travelers. He intended to use everything in the estate was left, without adding non-original elements. Finally it works started going to convert those old walls in a suitable atmosphere for visitors of all sites.

They started the contingency were resolved one by one. All are recovering materials for reuse could be made ​​of wood doors and windows as close as possible to the original. For soils were used to using mud bricks recovered from demolition. And in general for all new elements that were added, was trying to use traditional materials that do not clash with existing ones.

The improvement process is not over yet, in fact I think that never ends, there is always something better, something to change, ultimately making each day the Treasury to improve. Below are some pictures that day.

The Hacienda today

At all times we have had great care to respect as far as possible what was on the farm. The houses have been equipped with everything you need to feel comfortable, from something simple as a network of hot and cold water, like air conditioning in all rooms.

We must not leave behind the outside gardens, pool, and the magnificent night lights that make everyone who visits us enjoy unforgettable days. After two years of reform, the result is spectacular. visit our galeri and see the result.